Our   Food

We regularly introduce new meats to our menu. Look out for new meats and sides on this page.

USDA   Brisket

Our signature all natural packer brisket is derived from a small independent farm called Brandt in California, where the cattle are grain-fed with quality feed for 365 days. The grain goodness comes through in the flavour, giving it a slight sweetness, tender mouthfeel and its beautiful marbling. It is packed with flavour and smoked low and slow for up to 10 hours to its tender, juicy texture.


This cut is made specifically for bbq smoking, where the marbling is still distinct after 6 hours of smoking.  These rich and buttery Australian short ribs are 150 day grain fed and extremely flavourful, slightly chewy and very well marbled. Size ranges between 300gm – 500gm.


These Pork Ribs have the perfect fat to meat ratio for barbecue and smoking. After smoking, the rib meat peels off the bone while retaining its juiciness and texture. Done the Kansas City way, these fatty ribs are dry rubbed and smoked for up to 4 hours, then finished with our in-house tangy BBQ sauce.


Also known as the Karubi Plate or the Navel Brisket, The Short Plate comes from the belly of the cow. It has a little more chew in the texture compared to the Packer Brisket, with a layer of fat and muscle across the center. But like the Brisket, the taste is beefy and very flavourful.


Our sides are on rotation, they include Maple Cornbread, Coleslaw, Burnt-end Beans, Mashed Potato with Stout Gravy & Bone Marrow Butter, Sweet Potato Fries, Candied Yams, Roasted Greens.


The rubs are customized for each meat because every type of meat is characteristically different in texture and taste. We use a variety of spices to bring out the best flavour – spices like rosemary, paprika and cumin.